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The 360 Justice Podcast gives leaders in the our industry a platform to discuss how they are solving tough social infrastructure challenges, including overcrowded and aging facilities, changing demographics, staffing shortages, insufficient funding, and more.

Having worked with industry experts in all 50 states and 22 countries, we know there is a strong desire to learn from others in the profession. Join us each month as we talk with distinguished guests from the criminal justice industry about top of mind issues and solutions that have worked for them.

Meet Your Host

Eli Gage

Eli Gage

Founder of Correctional News and CEO


S.1 EP.106

Demystifying Progressive P3 Delivery with Rodney Moss

Is Public Private Partnership (P3) the ideal delivery method for your justice project? Host Eli Gage and colleague Joe Lee are joined by Hunt Companies Senior Vice President Rodney Moss to navigate the components of successful progressive P3 delivery and the emerging value of the evolving American P3 model. Learn…
S.1 EP.103

Data-Informed Security with Secretary John Wetzel

How can state agencies use data to drive systemic change? Host Eli Gage and colleague Tony Turpin sit down with John Wetzel, Secretary of Corrections for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, to discuss Wetzel’s progressive reformation stance that confronts the disparities currently leading a percentage of his community to incarceration.…
S.1 EP.101

An Introduction to 360 Justice

In this debut episode of 360 Justice, Host Eli Gage is joined by colleagues, Joe Lee and Bob Glass, to discuss the state of the criminal justice industry. The trio discusses the benefits of establishing preventive maintenance practices to improve efficiency and increase cost savings through the entire lifecycle of…