Our ability to apply standards and practices protects the functionality and operation of your facility.

Our day-to-day work in facilities, enhanced by our planning and design and construction management groups, gives us an exceptional understanding of detention, corrections, courts and public safety assets.

 This includes new and old technologies, how the buildings perform, and what is needed to maintain the facilities. Our facility conditions assessments provide critical information that allows our clients to build effective fiscal and strategic plans for their department.

The Facility Conditions Assessment Process

  1. Pre-Assessment Coordination
  2. Facility Assessment/Inspection
  3. Facility Condition Analysis
  4. Results Development
  5. Create Facility Condition Report
  6. Present Report Findings

We assess facility equipment and systems from a real-world operational perspective to provide accurate and attainable performance information that can be used to improve performance, guarantee a better functioning building, and lower the long-term Total Cost of Ownership.


  • Clients gain a comprehensive understanding of the current conditions and remaining useful life of facility components, assets, and systems.
  • Building owners can prioritize urgent work and plan for improvements, updates, repairs, replacements, renovations and capital projects.
  • Clients receive specific action plans that identify critical issues and ineffective performance and provide insight and direction to improve conditions.

The Team


With technical staff working in secure facilities every day, we have an unmatched understanding of facility functions and operations.

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