Our Expertise

Adaptive technology to make informed decisions at lower cost.

As a firm solely focused on the needs of public sector owners, we have worked with a wide array of CMMS systems and have learned how to adapt our CMMS technology solutions to communicate and work with our client’s data. As a result, the data we can aggregate helps our clients make more informed decisions and often at a lower cost than their current spend.


We developed CGL MobileMind to be the most advanced mobile application in the facility management industry. With MobileMind, maintenance professionals can access all the information and training they need to perform preventative or corrective maintenance right at their fingertips. This ensures maintenance work is completed correctly, minimizing waste and frustration for all parties involved and providing superior, high-quality service delivery.

CGL MobileMind puts knowledge in the hands of technicians doing the work. The technology enables on-site access to critical information: plans, equipment specifications, training, products and parts, safety controls, and “how-to” videos for most routine services. This real-time access gives your maintenance team the knowledge they need to perform services quickly and accurately the first time.

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