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The past decade saw British Columbia, Canada embarking on a significant capital investment program to develop, renovate, and expand correctional facilities across the province. In 2012, CGL, Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services, Shared Services BC, BC Corrections, Plenary Justice Group, and others announced the development of the Okanagan Correctional Centre (OCC) that would utilize the progressive P3 delivery model.

The Okanagan Correctional Centre (OCC) provides 378 high-security inmate cells and houses up to 558 inmates either awaiting trial, or sentenced for up to two years less a day. Adult males are accommodated in 360 cells organized within ten living units, each containing 36 cells.

The facility consists of two clusters of four living units, and a third cluster of two living units grouped with a segregation unit, a special handling unit and a health care area. Females are included in the third housing pod with an 18-cell living unit. An interim housing unit for 15 inmates is co-located with the Admissions and Discharge component for prisoners needing short-term custodial accommodation. Additional supporting components consist of Admitting and Discharge, Programs, Food Services, Health Services, Segregation, Reception and Visits, Laundry, Security and Central Control, Staff Services, and Administration.

This project’s progressive P3 method had a multitude of benefits. The competitive nature of the bidding process encouraged innovative solutions in all aspects of the project. Schedule and cost certainty were ensured via significant incentivized payment after project completion and the fixed-price contract, which grants responsibility to the private partner should the budget overrun. The private partner is also responsible for the facility’s design and construction, long-term operations, maintenance, and rehabilitation. This creates opportunities and incentives to optimize the integration of these functions. CGL collaborated closely with the team as a facility maintenance consultant to safeguard the facilities’ maintenance and rehabilitation over the 30+ year project agreement.

Additionally, the Ministry and Plenary Justice’s final partnership agreement achieved value for taxpayer’s dollars of $39.3 million compared to the traditional procurement delivery method.

Construction of the project provided a significant boost to the local economy, generating approximately 1,000 direct and indirect jobs. After completion in 2016, OCC provided over 240 new, full-time correctional positions. The high-security facility is approximately 29,000 square meters in total area, including 11 living units and 378 cells, and is the centerpiece of the second phase capital expansion plan for B.C. Corrections. OCC more than doubled corrections capacity in B.C.’s interior, further enhancing public safety for communities, correctional staff, and inmates throughout the province.


  • 2017 American Institute of Architects’ Justice Facilities Review
  • 2015 Silver Community Involvement Award, CCPPP

Project Details

Province of British Columbia
Oliver, BC
315,738 SF
$193 Million
IBI Group Architects
Ministry of Technology
Innovation and Citizens’ Services
Shared Services BC
BC Corrections
Plenary Justice Group