When it comes to facility maintenance, preventive maintenance plans are imperative to help facilities last longer and cost less to operate over their entire lifecycle. Compared to corrective maintenance or deferred maintenance (“kicking the can down the road,” so to say) preventive maintenance programs provide a sensible, proactive approach to facility maintenance.

When properly implemented, preventive maintenance programs focused on the prevention of premature aging and failure not only increase the sustainability of the facility, but also have the advantage of costing agencies and owners significantly less over the course of the facility’s lifecycle.

Preventive Maintenance for Corrections and Detention

Corrections and detention facilities represent some of the largest investments made by a community. It’s important to make sure these facilities are maintained properly to ensure the community receives as much value as possible from its investment. Well executed preventive maintenance programs are one way of achieving this goal. Take a look at the expected cost savings for a 318,000 SF jail in California:

Cumulative Life Cycle Costs with and without preventive maintenance programs for 318,000 SF jail in California ($ Millions)

These savings can now be reinvested into other areas like improvements in programming, more training for staff, educational resources for inmates… the list goes on.

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